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Greg Bruttin and I had a short conversation about alternative carbon fiber manufacturing processes over two years ago at the SIHH fair. C-SMC, or carbon fibre sheet molded composites,Replica Bell & Ross Watches was his first hint at it. (CF-SMC is a different name for the technology. I was astonished at the technology Bell & Ross Replica Watches spoke of when he first announced his partnership with Lamborghini at the SIHH fair.

Nearing the end their first year of collaboration, the brand is now ready to talk about the new partnership they announced in October. We sat down with Bruttin to discuss this technology, what he's learned from Lamborghini's designers, and how creative collaborations like these need to come from the very topwithouthesitation.

The Pirelli watch is made with inner rubber tubes from the winning racecar's tires. It's a smart twist on the traditional motorsport-inspired watch. What races did you use to create the watches?

We selected Grand Prixs around the globe and asked for the winning tyres of these races. One is Monaco, the other is Singapore. The Formula 1 races in China, the United States and Singapore are the other replica These races were chosen because they are the most famous, memorable, and well-known.

How do you prepare inner tubes for use?

We have a process that is specifically designed for this purpose. After the race, the smell of the tyres is not pleasant. Formula 1 tyres contain seven types of rubber that are not suitable for prolonged skin contact. We have to turn the tubes into powder for the strap. Because we don't want any other company to use the process, we are very protective of it. Each watch comes with a certificate detailing the number of tyres used and a partnership agreement with Lamborghini.