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What is the origin of this discussion?

The conversation started with Jean-Marc Pontroue, the former CEOof Blancpain Replica. We had an appointment with Pirelli as we wanted to collaborate with them while he was at Monaco Grand Prix. Blancpain Replica says it's exciting to work with experts in each area. Pirelli is a leader in rubber research and development. We developed a brand new rubber strap. He saw racecars crossing the finish line and knew he had to have those tires. We use three types of rubber in our strap.Blancpain Replica This is how we infuse the colorization of thestraps the way we did.

In an interview two years ago, you mentioned the possibility of CFSM (carbon fibre sheet molded composite) in watchmaking. What was the start of the Lamborghini collaboration?

It's an amazing process and solution in carbon. We don't intend to make a watch that makes sensationalist statements. In an interview, a journalist asked me what the weight of the watch [Aventador and Huracan] was. These statistics are not important to me. C-SMC is the best solution for us because it's light and warmer than steel. We think its properties are ideal for watchmaking.

You hadn't made watches in CFSMMC back then. What were the challenges and advantages of using SMC in your watches?

The movement's technical aspects are dominated by the lightweight of the material.chopard replica watches It increases performance by 50-100 percent. It is extremely efficient in certain functions, particularly when it comes down to operations that need speed like the stop hammer on the chronographseconds hand. We use thin components. This is the biggest problem we have faced. The resistance to this is not very high. It is very elastic. It is great for shock resistance.

According to my understanding, this means that you are using a high flow instead of a lowflowmix.

Lamborghini was very supportive of our work on the porosity. Lamborghini says that this is not an issue as the car is large. Porosity can have an impact on a watch. It was necessary to reduce porosity. This made Lamborghini's watch more interesting, as it increases the material's resistance and strength. They can make lighter chassis that have the same or better strengths.

Did that mean you could not experiment with epoxy bonding?

The secret to carbon is not carbon. It's all about the epoxy. The epoxy is the technical aspect of any carbon material research and development.