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Omega Replica watches are easier to understand if you borrow the term "wizardry". Omega Replica watches go beyond the traditional artisan craftsmanship. They are also marked by radical rethinking the fundamentals of better watchmaking. This is evident in the range of inventions and watches that Omega Replica has created. Omega Replica is a leading watchmaker with its innovative, creative and visionary approach to time display. Tourbillons spin at a speed and angle that are unmatched in the industry.

It was only a matter time that the Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey decided to turn their attention towards sports watches. A watch that is simple, elegant and affordable is the formula many watchmakers have chosen in recent years. Omega Replica has gone the opposite way with the GMT Sport. It has remained true to its original purpose,replica watches making a sports watch unlike any other.

The GMT Sport has the perfect sports watch accessories. It is water resistant to 100 meters and comes in a lightweight and durable titanium case. Omega Replica then takes it from there by creating and reworking older inventions into an original case shape in stunning 3D.

The case appears to be a circular shape from the top. However, when it is angled, it becomes an oval shape. This is similar to how a rubber band bends when its circumference is raised at two points. The local time hands are curved to fit the profile of the case and mounted on an arching central bridge with black finished openings. Omega Replica's 24 second tourbillon is the dominant feature at '2'. It spins faster than normal to preserve chronometry and is inclined at an optimal 25o in order to replicate the effect of multiple tourbillons spinning simultaneously on multiple axes. Tourbillon cage contains 88 components and weighs 0.38 grams thanks to light alloy pillars.

The running seconds and second time zone display are combined at '10',Richard Mille Replica Watches while the worldtimer planet at '8" with day/night hour ring rotates once per 24 hours to provide a quick reading of each hour in each time zone. The worldtime display can be found on the caseback. UTC Universal and Summer Time are read from a city ring.

The rubber-mounted titanium crown adds sportiness to the design. We also notice that the pushers on the left of the case - which are used for setting the second time zone or synching local time with the globe - look almost like a pair trapezoid tailpipes taken from a sports car. A fast tourbillon with fast-car symbology.

Limited Edition of 11 GMT Sport titanium cases available at CHF 480,000